The Holy Fire delivered to Moscow

A special flight that delivered the Holy Fire from the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem arrived at Vnukovo-3 Business Aviation Center. The flight was performed on Embraer Legacy 600 owned by our company.
Holy Fire descended on Easter eve on Holy Saturday in the Aedicule, the marble chapel above the cave of the Holy Sepulchre, where, according to tradition, Jesus Christ was buried. It symbolizes the light of the Savior's Resurrection, which was mentioned by the Apostle Peter.
First, the Holy Fire will be delivered to the Easter service at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and on Saturday evening all Christians will be able to receive a piece of the Holy Fire in 15 churches of the Capital. The delivery is possible only thanks to business aviation, which is designed to perform non-trivial and highly responsible missions.
Aviation regulations do not allow transporting an open flame on an airplane, and due to pressure changes, the fire can go out. Therefore, to comply with safety regulations, the Holy Fire is usually carried in a special lamp that ensures the safe delivery of the fragile relic. The design of our Embraer Legacy 600 aircraft allowed us to avoid sudden drops in pressure and keep the Holy Fire alive.
Sanret is grateful for the trust to be a part of the ceremony of passing the Holy Fire from the very cradle of the Christian world to all Christians in Russia.