JSC Air Management Group
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JSC Air Management Group
+7 (926) 392 22 94
Aircraft Management
As an established operator, we guarantee that all the details are in good hands and your aircraft is ready for flight whenever you need it.

Sanrêt also offers solutions that help to significantly reduce ownership costs through the efficient and responsible commercial operation of your aircraft.
Owning a jet is not only a true luxury and absolute freedom of traveling. It's also the challenges of operations, scheduling, flight arrangements, maintenance and ground handling, parking, refueling, crew management, and many others.

This is quite difficult to manage on your own. But you can delegate these routine matters to our company: we carry out aircraft management professionally.
■ Ground handling management
■ Aircraft maintenance
■ Customs and border procedures
■ VIP Terminal Services
■ Aircraft furnishing and interior care
■ Catering for your flight
■ Costs management and complete reporting
■ Expense analysis and audit
■ Crew recruitment and training
■ Flight planning and coordination 24/7
■ Overflight and landing permits
■ Slot and refueling arrangements
Aircraft Management is:
Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions
Selecting and purchasing a jet requires the assistance of many specialists in the technical, legal, and financial areas.

Besides an essential comprehensive audit of the aircraft before purchase, it is necessary to select the best registration location, the base airport, deal with the customs clearance, and correctly process all the documents, certificates, and permits.
For owners who primarily fly in Russia, we recommend and provide registration in the Russian "RA" registry, which allows you to travel to all airports of the Russian Federation (including non-international), significantly save on airport fees, but at the same time, not experience complications when flying abroad.
Sanrêt has gained considerable experience in all aspects of aircraft sales/purchase agreements. We will be pleased to recommend and select the aircraft that will ideally suit your needs and reduce your operating costs.
Charter Flights
Charter Flight Benefits:
Sanrêt offers all kinds of charter flights:
■ Privacy, safety, and exceptional comfort. You can travel with your family and friends on the plane only, accompanied by a professional flight crew.
■ Significant time savings and the use of separate VIP terminals.
■ You can choose the ideal jet for every flight, depending on the range, destination, number of passengers and your interior requirements.
■ No stopovers: your plane flies to the airport of your choice. Even to destinations where there are no scheduled flights.
■ There is always a perfect aircraft ready to take off.
Traveling on a private jet provides comfort and convenience far beyond even first-class scheduled flights operated by commercial airlines.
VIP and private charters
Corporate charters
Group charters: transportation of sports teams and delegations
Submit your request for an estimate of your flight
OPS 24/7
Мы обеспечиваем бесперебойную обработку заявок, расчет полетных данных и маршрутов и оперативную организацию всех услуг, необходимых для выполнения полетов в любую точку мира.
Sanrêt работает 24/7, и нашим «мозговым центром» является собственный Центр управления полетами, включающий команду профессиональных диспетчеров по организации рейсов, штурманов, а также координаторов travel support.
Advantages of our management
Sanrêt is an airline that has been operating in business aviation for more than 17 years. Our team consists of experienced and well-qualified professionals who ensure the efficient management of the fleet.

We have built strong partnerships with aviation and maintenance service providers globally. This helps us provide all necessary services in the shortest possible time and at the best cost.

We are extremely attentive to flight safety, aircraft reliability, and airworthiness, as well as the value of the aircraft.
Regular inspections, maintenance, and servicing are carried out strictly following the regulations of the aircraft manufacturers. Crews and technicians are regularly trained and verified.

Entrusting your aircraft to Sanrêt, therefore, means you can be sure of your safety, perfect aircraft maintenance, flight availability, as well as transparent and accurate reports.
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